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stoatallymad ([personal profile] stoatallymad) wrote2012-03-23 12:10 pm
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Bubblecup [[personal profile] bubblymuffins]
Horse. With the feathery-bits and the talking. Confusing. But very nice!
Dahlia [[personal profile] traces]
Roomate! All right... very nice, yes. But gloomy. A bit silly!
Lelouch [[personal profile] veepofchess]
In charge, but not as in charge as Nanami. Helpful! No good at listening.
Nanami [[personal profile] effortless]
In charge. Scary, a little bit. Probably nice, but…
Shion [[personal profile] savedbyasong]
Friend! Very nice, very smart! Helpful, too, but quiet.
Serious. Makes no sense. Boring.


Lemina [[personal profile] pennypincher]
Loud. Strange, too. But not bad! Fun!
Sherlock [[personal profile] notanangel]
Mad. No fun.
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